Testimonio de los activistas Cordobeses de CJC expulsados de Aaiun Ocupado.

Two members of the Consejo de Juventud de Cordoba give a quick testimony on camera from a rooftop, stating that they arrived yesterday on a trip to learn about the situation of Sahrawis living in the occupied territory, and are about to be expelled by the police. According to the title, the video was filmed in Laayoune. Rubén Flores and Julia, two members of the Consejo de la Juventud de Cordoba, are on camera. Rubén states in Spanish that "We came from Cordoba to the Moroccan-occupied Saharan territory to inform ourselves about the living situation here, especially among the youngest. After arriving yesterday, we were stopped in a bus for more than an hour. Now, the police just called to say that we will be expelled, for the sole reason of coming here to learn about the situation in which Sahrawis live." Julia says, "And after being followed by the police the entire day, the secret police everywhere and don't allow us to move freely." According to an online report, Rubén had called his mother on their first night to tell her that Moroccan police surrounded the house where they were staying and pressured their hosts to turn them over to the police.