Rahali Mohamed, brother of the victim, accused the Moroccan authorities of murdering his brother

Rahali Mohamed, brother of Adnan Rahali accuses Moroccan authorities of murdering his brother. According to Adala UK, which published the video, he says, "According to the Moroccan authorities my brother died due to a fall through a glass window. My brother has been missing for 5 months, no person in their right mind could believe such a story… And in the residence where my brother allegedly died, there are over 45000 students. I wonder: didn’t anyone see my brother when he died? Didn’t someone smell the odour of a corpse after five months? This is the only explanation the authorities and the Moroccan intelligence service in Agadir have given us about his disappearance”, added Adnan’s brother. “When they called me to identify my brother’s body, I saw that his clothes and shoes were not damaged. Also, his body and his face were clearly visible and were not damaged by any fall, which means that my brother has been in a fridge since he died. The authorities must explain the real cause of my brother’s death, no one in the family believes the version given by the authorities. Following the shock of the news, My father died after being in a coma for a few days, which had been caused by the shock at my brother’s death." Adnan Rahili was a Sahrawi student leader who was determined missing in December 2015. Moroccan authorities contacted his family on 2 May to notify them that their son’s body had been found in the student residence of the university of Agadir, Morocco, where thousands of students live. See more from Adala UK at: https://adalauk.org/2016/05/06/many-lives-endangered-by-the-lack-of-an-impartial-investigation-into-the-death-of-a-saharawi-student/