Peacful demonstration in solidarity with the Saharawi political prisoners in hunger strik

Video shot by Equipe Media showing the moment Moroccan police attack a group of women and men during the March 19 protest in support of the Gdeim Izik hunger strikers and injure human rights defender and media activist Salha Boutanguiza. She is wearing a pale lilac melfa. Salha appears around 0:20. She is seen taking something from a Sahrawi's hand (man in kaki green) who is then pushed to the ground by the police. She moves away and then appears to have a small Sahrawi flag in her hand. Several police shove her towards the back of the scene and crowd around her. Between 0:31 and 0:35 it appears that they are attacking her as she sits on the curb. At 0:33-0:34 a man in a cream jacket, who has been with the police around her, appears to kick her face and then moves away.