Isabel Lourenço, observadora en el juicio de Gdeim Izik

"Hi, my name is Isabel Dolenzo. I'm an international observer in a trial for Gdeim Izik. I come from Portugal. The trial remains with the same verdicts of the proceedings that we've seen in the previous sessions. We are worried, the observers are concerned in general with the lack of care on this trial. And also the fact that we are not receiving information about the reports about torture from the forensic experts to which some victims were subject to neither. Mohammed Bayni and Mohammed DeAyubi are the defendants who were interrogated today. Both were interrogated about facts, they were asked questions to which they, about facts that they have denounced on the same documents that they were coerced to sign under torture. The trial will continue in the following days. Another very concerning issue is the detention of a young journalist, Mohammed Adi, in front of the court that was filming everything that was happening and the protests in support of the political prisoners by their friends and relatives. But also the Moroccan demonstrators that were at the scene insulting the Saharawi families and disseminating propaganda via speakers playing Moroccan propaganda and the speech of Hassan II during the invasion of Western Sahara. The young man was kidnapped by Moroccan demonstrators according to the info given to us and he's still in the police station. This is a very important piece of info that has been given to us because it shows the lack of freedom of press and freedom of speech that exists not only in Western Sahara but also in Morocco."