Full story of crackdawn and oppression against Sahrawis graduate Laayoune/Western Sahara 21, July.

A peaceful Saharawi protest organized by Saharawi unemployed graduates is oppressed by the Moroccan police in El-Aaiun city, Western Sahara, in front of the OCP office. At 5:55, we see a man on the ground, possibly injured. At 9:30, security forces surround him, and a confrontation ensues for several minutes as he appears to resist their attempts to move him. There appears to be at least 200 activists, and a large contingent of uniformed security forces. "Our natural resources are more than enough to offer us job opportunities," is one of the chants. More video of the event can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiY2EjzNjpk